Nothing is what it seems! No one is who they claim to be!
Everyone has secrets but no one has secrets as big as Harold’s. When Karen Pine finds out her husband is sleeping with a multitude of women, and has a book full of their names and addresses, she has to decide if she: A.) wants to kill him. B.) wants to punish his women or C.) all of the above.
As she struggles with the discovery of a secret book, the reality of what it all means, and searches for answers, more and more secrets start to come to life about her husband.
Karen is soon sucked into a mind-bending, mysterious, and devious revenge story. But it isn’t until Harold suddenly disappears, that things take a turn for the worse. Leaving Karen to fight a battle she could never imagine, even in her wildest dreams. webp to jpg
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R.D. Murray
Is an American author of the best selling books My Dead Blue Caterpillar, and Sebastian's World. He is a writer of thriller, mystery, suspense and children's literature. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Cultural Studies from SUNY Empire State College. He lives in New Jersey with his Wife and four son's.

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